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Re: software updates file in /usr -- policy bug?


On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 07:45:15PM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> [2004.10.26.1916 +0200]:
> > > Lastly, the policy promises that /usr can be read-only and
> > > guarantees software to be fully functional.
> > 
> > Now, where is the possible policy bug?
> Section 9.1.1 of the policy. The software writes to /usr, which is
> to be treated as read-only at any time other than package
> management. Thus, effectively, dpkg is the only tool allowed to
> manipulate files in /usr, though other tools are used from time to
> time (e.g. ln(1)), but only during installation or removal of the
> owner package.

Are we reading the same policy?

  Debian Policy Manual
  Chapter 9 - The Operating System
  9.1   Filesystem hierarchy
  9.1.1 Filesystem Structure

  The location of all installed files and directories must 
  comply with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) ...

(should 'hierarchy' have a capital, or perhaps 'Structure' not?)

What software writes to /usr ?

If you're refering to 9.1.2 that seems not too far from the FHS.

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