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Re: Security updates for sarge?

On Sat, 23 Oct 2004 05:10:26 +0200, Sven Mueller wrote:

> Heck, If I were a DD, I would be glad to help whereever needed. The most 
> pressing bits seem to be (from my POV):
> 1) buildd network (especially because of sarge/security)
> 2) ftpmaster (seems to be overwhelmed in work for months now)
> 3) new-maintainer process (though it seems to have sped up considerably
>     during the last year)


> 4) security team (though I'm not sure how bad the situation is)
> So, if my help is wanted with one of the first three of those, I will 
> gladly file a NM application immediately.

Afaict, James processes NM apps alphabetically, by last name.  You can
probably get through the first few stages of NM in a few weeks (It took me
a little over a month, between submitting my app, to getting
Front Desk approval). So, if you applied now and hurried, I'm betting
you'd become a DD before me.  :/

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