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Re: Drop testing

On Sat, Oct 23, 2004 at 02:33:24PM -0700, Brian Nelson wrote:
> Gergely Nagy <algernon@bonehunter.rulez.org> writes:

> >> It may sound a bit radical, but core points have been mentioned in the
> >> thread already. I suggest to do it in a more radical way:

> >>  - unstable lockdown in the freeze
> >>  - drop Testing and concentrate on work instead of wasting time on
> >>    synching stuff. This eliminates the need for testing-security. See
> >>    the last part of the paper for details.

> > Doing this would result in many users who currently run testing fall
> > back to stable + backports or switch to another distro (ubuntu being a
> > likely candidate), which in turn, would result in less bugreports and a
> > less stable distribution.

> Very few bug reports from testing users are of any value at all.  They
> usually either report some transient dependency problem that the
> maintainer can't fix anyway, or report something that has already been
> fixed in the unstable package.

This seems like a rather unsubstantiated claim.  Do you *know* how many of
the good bug reports you've seen come from users of testing vs. unstable?
Reportbug should give this kind of information, but just looking at the
version of the package they've filed the bug against isn't even an
indicator; it may just mean the user tried upgrading to the unstable version
of the package before reporting the bug, because she was trying to ensure
the bug report would be useful/was hoping the bug was fixed without any need
to file a bug report.

Yes, filing bug reports on testing is not often useful (except during a
freeze), but that's not the same as it not being useful to have users
running testing.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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