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Re: an idea for next generation APT archive caching

On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 04:04, Brian May wrote:
> * If the above point wasn't bad enough by itself, the apt-proxy binary has 
> hard coded:
> WGET_CMD="$WGET --timestamping --no-host-directories --tries=5 --no-directories -P $DL_DESTDIR"

Hmm, seems you are talking about version 1, which has been rewritten. 
The new version isn't bug free yet but it does fix several problems.  It
doesn't use wget.

> * No thought put into the file deletion algorithm. IMHO, deleting
> files based on age is wrong (consider how long stable files
> last). Deleting files based on number of different copies is also
> wrong (consider if you have some systems setup with stable and another
> is unstable). IMHO, the only correct way is to scan the most recently
> downloaded Packages and Source index files and delete files that
> aren't mentioned anymore. This could be made more aggressive though if
> disk space is low.

There are several cleaning algorithms, controlled by different
parameters.  The 'only correct way' algorithm described above is
controlled by the max_versions parameter (in version 1 & 2)


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