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Re: discover or alsa?

On Oct 13, Wouter Verhelst <wouter@grep.be> wrote:

> > will probably become mandatory very soon (hint: udev) and needs anyway
> > to support PCI hotplugging for systems with an hotplug PCI bus.
> That doesn't have anything to do with coldplugging. Also, AFAIK, udev is
Sure it does. Why waste time duplicating the infrastructure? Also,
programs like kudzu and discover need a database, while hotplug is
automatically up to date to the installed kernel. This alone should be a
major argument in its favour.

> far from the only /dev implementation in the kernel. I don't think it'll
> suddenly be mandatory.
devfs is dead, deal with this. It has no future, and I expect it will be
removed in the next two years. To learn why udev will probably become
mandatory, read the threads about this in the debian-devel@ archive.

> > > Apart from that, there's also the 'canon' way of managing modules
> > > (/etc/modules), and a number of other packages which will load modules
> > > to be able to do what they're installed for (hardware driver support
> > > packages such as the ALSA ones, but also stuff such as binfmt-support
> > > and nbd-client).
> > ALSA does not loads modules anymore,
The ACPI modules are not related to hotplug, at least currently.

> > the other packages you mentioned do not load device drivers and are
> > not relevant in this discussion.
> They load modules. This is a suggestion about managing how modules are
> loaded.
non-device modules are not related to hotplug either.

> What's impossible about that?
Impossible, not. Not needed and hard to deploy, yes.

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