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Re: discover or alsa?

On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 06:07:49PM +0200, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> On Oct 13, Wouter Verhelst <wouter@grep.be> wrote:
> > > Discover should not try to load drivers for PCI devices AT ALL, we have
> > > hotplug for this.
> > The reverse could be (and has been, on multiple occasions) said about
> > hotplug.
> Sure, many people say silly things.
> hotplug is needed on most systems (think about USB devices),

That's no argument for blatantly ignoring different implementations
which perform similar things.

> will probably become mandatory very soon (hint: udev) and needs anyway
> to support PCI hotplugging for systems with an hotplug PCI bus.

That doesn't have anything to do with coldplugging. Also, AFAIK, udev is
far from the only /dev implementation in the kernel. I don't think it'll
suddenly be mandatory.

> Since it's here, is going to stay and does almost everything we need,
> automatically (it uses information provided by the kernel and does not
> need a database to be updated), I'd say we can as well use it for
> coldplugging.

Sure, I'm not contesting that. But there are other coldplugging
implementations around. It's generally considered polite to respect
different implementations.

> > Apart from that, there's also the 'canon' way of managing modules
> > (/etc/modules), and a number of other packages which will load modules
> > to be able to do what they're installed for (hardware driver support
> > packages such as the ALSA ones, but also stuff such as binfmt-support
> > and nbd-client).
> ALSA does not loads modules anymore,


> the other packages you mentioned do not load device drivers and are
> not relevant in this discussion.

They load modules. This is a suggestion about managing how modules are

> > Comments?
> Your proposals are (other than very vague) way too much complex and
> probably not even possible to implement.

Of course they're vague. They're an initial idea.

if want-module-load --package hotplug snd-ens1371
  modprobe es1371

want-module-load would check configuration files and 'exit 0' or 'exit 1'
depending on whether it will allow hotplug to load the es1371 module. It
would know that es1371 is an ALSA module for a PCI sound board, and
would check whether hotplug would be allowed to load this module.

The admin could say stuff such as

discover oss forbid
hotplug alsa allow

Which would tell the system that discover is not to load any OSS
modules, while it's okay for hotplug to load ALSA stuff.

What's impossible about that?

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