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Re: Next reboot script execution framework

Jérôme Warnier wrote:
Le dim 03/10/2004 à 19:26, David Goodenough a écrit :

On Sunday 03 October 2004 16:54, Jérôme Warnier wrote:

Is there a framework for executing once a script at next reboot in
Debian (Sarge|Sid)? Any idea of a "clean" way to do it?


One comment, it is rather "Not the Linux Way(TM)" to expect
reboots.  Only things like changing the kernel should need a

Well, let me explain then:
I'm working on a customized Debian distro, and on a replication engine
(Replicator) for machines. I would like some things to happen next time
the machine is powered on, because the people who install it would like
to have to wait the less possible.
I imagined that we would finish the installation (probably unattended)
and the system would reboot at the end (because 1/ there *is* probably a
newer kernel, and for whatever reason, 2/ GDM does not start
automatically after being installed).
I would like the system to do things in the background at next reboot,
like running prelink, scrollkeeper-rebuilddb, updatedb, ...
You get the idea...


  if there is a new kernel then reboot is neccessary.

the services can be simply started. Rebooting machine because you need to start gdm is weird to the extreme. I mean do you reboot your machine to start vi? grep? ls?


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