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Re: RFC: best practice creating database

On Thu, Oct 07, 2004 at 03:38:59PM +0200, Philipp Matthias Hahn wrote:
> Hello!
> What is consideres best practice when a package uses a SQL database
> (mysql, postgresql) and needs to create its own catalog and/or tables?
> [ ] Disable the package until someone has manually setup the database?
> [ ] Ask a lot of questions via debconf and try to setup in postconf?
I'd go for the second option.

> I ask because bacula-director-pgsql is currently broken and I'm trying
> to help the maintainer fix it. What irks me is
> * need to ask for hostname of remote or local DBMS.
>   * if its remote, the DBA might have to change "pg_hba.conf" by hand.
> * need to ask for user/password of DBA, so new catalog can be created
>   * password is cleared after use for security reason
>   * will a paranoid DBA tell me his password?
> * need to ask for user/password for bacula-user
> If the automation fails (and it does for my setup), bacula-dir-pgsql is
> left unconfigured and I have to deeply dig in its postconf script to fix
> it my hand.
> What I ask myself at this point, is it worth to try to automatically
> setup these things at all or wouldn't it be better to just document the
> needed steps and let the user do them by hand?
I expect from a debian package to be usable once it is installed, unless
the configuration is so complex that it can't be determined wit debconf

Setting up a database is somewhat errorprune but still something
achievable in a postinst script.

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