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Re: Re: ITP: cddb.bundle -- CDDB Bundle for GNUstep

On Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 07:41:03AM -0400, Jeff Teunissen wrote:
> Miles Bader wrote:
> > Jeff Teunissen <deek@d2dc.net> writes:
> > > For me, I don't want GNUstep in the names of my programs because I am
> > > not connected to GNUstep and don't want to be. It is just a couple of
> > > libraries that I use to write my apps -- you wouldn't put "GTK+" in
> > > the name of your apps, would you?
> > 
> > Most GTK+ apps don't need any kind of special tag because they're named
> > reasonably in the first place.  The upstream developers apparently
> > recognize that they will be often used as one part of a "mixed"
> > system.
> And developers writing with GNUstep recognize the same thing. The
> difference is that we *have* to give enough information about an app
> using only two pieces of information -- the name of the app and its
> icon.

I don't see how this is the case. In the dark ages, GTK+ applications
were frequently called 'gfoo' (like 'kfoo' for KDE apps), with 'foo'
being a descriptive name.

These days, however, GTK/GNOME applications have reasonably unconfusing
names like 'evolution', 'nautilus', 'epiphany', 'marlin'. Compare that
with 'Mail', 'PDFViewer', 'Cddb', etc. 

The usability of GNOME applications is introduced further down the
stack, i.e., the actual program names are not exposed to the end-user,
but the GUI mentiones (localized) strings like 'Mail', 'File Browser',
'Web Browser', 'Sample Editor' (correlating with the above mentioned


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