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Re: Minutes fo DebConf5 IRC meeting of 20041003 at 20:00 UTC

On Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 10:31:49PM +1300, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> >   - recording talks on video is a problem and a big job; "Martin the
> >     Argentinian living in New Zealand" was interested in the issue (mooch)
> >
> Did I hear someone call my name? ;)
> I am keen on organizing the video capture and digitizing for the 
> conference. I can't, unfortunately, provide the gear, but I can prepare 
> the software and config stuff, and arrive a few days early to set things 
> up.

The Fluendo guys have a nice track record of providing high-quality
media streaming of Free Software conferences using Free codecs, e.g. at
GUADEC (GNOME conference) and AKademy (KDE conference). Maybe we could
team up with them for this, or at least ask them for support?

Just a thought.


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