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Re: If ATI and nVidia don't support their own products, who does?

On Saturday 02 October 2004 20:07, Jules Dubois wrote:
> On Sat, 02 Oct 2004 16:22:48 -0400, Brendan wrote:
> > That's not why NVIDIA cannot open their driver. It's been said by them
> > time and time again that the drive contains 3rd party code that they have
> > a limited license for, and as such, cannot expose that code to
> > non-licensees.
> This is a disingenuous excuse, if indeed Nvidia has made it.  They have
> refused, time and time again, to release details of the programming
> interface for their cards.  It's a bad idea to throw money at companies
> who sell black-box hardware and refuse to support their products properly.

Whatever, dude. Hardware is very different from software. If you want to live 
in a fantasy world, go do it. Otherwise, finding the least crappy hardware 
solution is (while lodging an effective complaint with them) is all you can 
do.  Open Source is awesome, but most hardware companies are never, ever 
going to open their hardware. Are you going to protest and not use a video 
card? I doubt they would care.

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