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Re: If ATI and nVidia don't support their own products, who does?

On Sun, Oct 03, 2004 at 07:51:11PM -0400, Brendan wrote:
> On Saturday 02 October 2004 20:07, Jules Dubois wrote:
> > This is a disingenuous excuse, if indeed Nvidia has made it.  They have
> > refused, time and time again, to release details of the programming
> > interface for their cards.  It's a bad idea to throw money at companies
> > who sell black-box hardware and refuse to support their products properly.
> Whatever, dude. Hardware is very different from software. If you want to live 
> in a fantasy world, go do it. Otherwise, finding the least crappy hardware 
> solution is (while lodging an effective complaint with them) is all you can 
> do.  Open Source is awesome, but most hardware companies are never, ever 
> going to open their hardware. Are you going to protest and not use a video 
> card? I doubt they would care.

You know, there's other hardware out there than i386. Sun frame buffers
are usually well-documented, and if you look closely enough, you might
find a box with hardware 3D rendering in the frame buffer.

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