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Looking for ontologies useful for debtags


in organizing the tags that compose debtags, it would be nice to reuse
existing ontologies for our facets (groups of tags from specific points
of view), so that we could have some facets that could be linking points
for other existing knowledge bases.

For example, if the field:: facet could use an existing set of
categories, it could be used to connect existing knowledge elsewhere
with the related debian packages.

I have found some links so far:


but they are meta-links, starting points.

I'd like to ask people who know or stumble into some organized and
standardized list of categories to send me a note.  It is very possible
that no existing ontology can be reasonably used by debtags because of
excess of detail or just because it's hard to find existing groups of
categories that can apply to debian packages.  However, I feel like it
would be stupid not to try.



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