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Re: Had a talk with an Oracle person yesterday

On Wed, 29 Sep 2004, Matthew Palmer wrote:

Does RHEL have 5 year support now, out of the box?  I don't have to pay an
inordinate amount of money to get long-term support? ...
I do not knol RHEL but at least the person said this - perhaps nmot without
paying this support.  But I think this is not the problem for people who
*really* want the support.  Paying for supporting, say Debian 2.0, would be
fine for me as well, if I would need it.

... Because, if someone's willing to throw enough money at me, I'll give you
five years of security support for your Debian systems.
Sure, that's the point.  I guess there are several people who would do this
but I never have read this in a shiny magazine which is targetting to people
who *decides* to use Oracle.  This is what I was talking about.

One thing that might be useful is the Ubuntu system; they're apparently
going to "bless" certain releases for something like 7 years of security
support; that'll effectively get you a Debian (very-like) system that Oracle
can target.
This is what I told this person.  When I first said him "Ubuntu" he tried
to correct me - it's called "Gentoo".  ;-)
So I hope that people learn to know Ubuntu or UserLinux or whatever distribution
(on the back of a company) might solve the problem above.

  3) I asked whether it might make sense to support LSB instead of a certain
     distribution.  Because I'm not an LSB expert I was not able to
     the arguments that there are:
       - no fixed gcc version
       - no fixed glibc version
       - no fixed kernel versions and unpredictable patches inside the
     (If you ask me than software that depends from certain versions of the
      above is not well designed - but I might be wrong here.)

I don't think it's so much a depending on certain versions, as knowing that
there are no bugs in the supported versions that will cause problems for the
applications on top of it.
I really hope so - but I was quoting this representative ...

Kind regards


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