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Re: Make a single source package for all mozilla-*-locale packages? (Was: [Re: Bug#273420: ITP: mozilla-firefox-locale-sv -- Mozilla Firefox Swedish Language/Region Package])

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 20:03:49 +0200, Alexander Sack <asac@jwsdot.com> wrote:
> I think, that this would not be too hard to implement. On the other
> hand, there would still be problems that some translations might not be
> ready if mozilla* packages become ready to go in. IMHO, doing so looks like
> a trick to declare translations not to be release critical and in fact
> inferior to normal packages.
Latest addition from Mozilla team is CVS repository for translations.
They are also building/intending to build localized installations from
that cvs tree and create .xpi files.

I think that mozilla-locale-xxx maintainers could opt-in and let
debian build from that cvs tree. Since all other binary packages
(win32, tar.gz, ..) are going to be built from that source it would be
also ok with debian packages to be built from that source. It would
allow better consistancy over other distribution methods and allow the
same translation to be used everywhere. I'm sure that translators will
be also happy since their translations that they commit to CVS would
quickly propagate to debian.


Jure Cuhalev

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