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Re: Bug#273420: ITP: mozilla-firefox-locale-sv -- Mozilla Firefox Swedish Language/Region Package

* Sep 26 12:22 Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org>:
> Le vendredi 17 septembre 2004 à 19:20 +0200, Johan Svedberg a écrit :
> > * Package name    : mozilla-firefox-locale-sv
> >
> > Swedish Menu/Message resource and Region property package for
> > Mozilla Firefox.
> Nothing against this specific package, but am I the only one to find
> all these mozilla-*-locale-* source packages are a huge waste of human
> resources and a complete mess for our users? Specific language
> packages for big hogs like KDE or OOo make sense, but we have already
> 42 separate *source* packages for mozilla l10n stuff, all having to be
> upgraded simultaneously with every new mozilla version.
> If mozilla's upstream is not able to deal with i18n at all, maybe we
> could start a central mozilla-locale project, at least to group all
> these sources in a single package for which upgrades would be easier.

I agree. It would be great if something like that could be co-ordinated.

Again, sorry about the multiple ITP:s. How come relaying on master is
laggning so much?

Johan Svedberg, johan@svedberg.pp.se, http://johan.svedberg.pp.se/

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