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Re: Moving libusb to /lib (was: [Re: nut: final stage of shutdown doesn't work if /usr is a in separate filesystem])

On Sat, Sep 25, 2004 at 12:14:40AM +0200, nb wrote:
> > According to the FHS [2], libusb should so be
> > installed in /lib. The other option is to compile
> > newhidups statically with libusb.
> First option is a good one !
> > There are pros and cons for both solution, but
> > I (as upstream and DD) am more for the first.
> I think so
> > Note that I've previously contacted libusb maintainer
> > (salut Aurelien) to talk with him about that.
> What does he say about this ?
I think that /lib is already bloated by a lot of libraries, but if it is
the right way (tm) to do that, I'll upload a new version soon (already
ready on my disk).

Could anybody else confirm that it is ok to do that?


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