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Re: SSL certificates

On Sun, Sep 19, 2004 at 06:26:49PM -0500, Adam Majer wrote:
> It is close enough for most things. There are services that do not
> require SSL, and then there are some that SSL would be a good thing. For
> example, things bugzilla does not need SSL (IMO :) as well as "shopping
> carts". What you need SSL is for things like credit card processing or
> login in into your remote box.
> But then *I* do not need or want a third party to have a telnet
> replacement. As for other services, well, do not provide access to them
> from unencrypted traffic. Set up IPSec between your boxes. Self sign the
> cert. and be done with it (you do trust yourself, don't you? :)
> But if you need a "real" cert. (eg. credit card processing), then you
> should be able to buy the cert since it is "only" ~$200.

You can get a trusted cert from instantssl.com for as little as $33.
Their CA is trusted by all windows/osx/linux software I've tried.

sam clegg
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