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SSL certificates

A variety of Internet applications need an SSL certificate to do
sensible things like protect a password being sniffed.

As I understand it, I need to setup my own CA up to generate one of
these SSL certificates.

But, why !? I am a Debian user. Debian or SPI is a CA and shouldn't they
be issuing certificates to make my life easier in accordance with the
Social Contract?

As far as I see, this is what http://cacert.org/ tries to do, but they
can't seem to get their certificate in:

People may argue that Cacert Inc. is not "reputable" enough, but come
on!  Have you ever peeked inside /etc/ssl/certs? Trust those guys?

If Debian users aren't worthy of a Debian CA issued SSL cert., what
about developers? DDs are people who have had their identity verified.

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