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Re: Please -- more DFSG-free font packages, if you can maintain them well

Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> writes:

> Excuse me, what does hinting have to do with truetype? 

TTFs are more difficult to hint well than PS fonts, since hints in TTF
are a small programming language.  This can mean that they can look
better at low resolutions than PS fonts, all things being equal.  (In
practice, though, freetype has finally given us a good PS Type 1
renderer, and hints are less important when antialiasing text.)

> AFAIK every decent printing font need some sort of this.

Hinting something well enough for 300dpi or higher output is easier
than hinting it for 100dpi or lower output (ie, the typical screen).

> For sure, all fonts for use with (La)TeX typesetting have it.

Most TeX fonts aren't especially well-hinted for screen display.  The
BSR Computer Modern fonts are well done, but things like CM Super
were autoconverted and autohinted.  They're certainly good enough for
proofing on screen and for printed output, but not so great for use
in application menus, for instance.

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