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Re: Updating scanners and filters in Debian stable (3.1)

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le lundi 13 septembre 2004 à 15:40 +0200, Martin Schulze a écrit :
> > A while ago there was a discussion in which it was said that such
> > tools are rather useless (or even dangerous) if they don't get their
> > database updated in accordance with new viruses/security problems.
> > 
> > Some of these systems are hence not suitable for a stable Debian
> > release where updates will only be made for security problems and
> > very important bugfixes.
> > 
> > Have you thought about keeping these packages out of sarge or did you
> > develop a solution so that users can get their databases updated
> > outside of the stable Debian release?
> Speaking of stable updates, will you consider, for sarge point releases,
> accepting some new upstreams for large packages that are not supported
> otherwise, security-speaking?

I don't think so, especially since you are probably talking about the
GNOME empire.

> For example, will you accept new Mozilla upstreams? We have been
> shipping woody for a long time with mozilla packages containing known
> security holes, maybe we don't want this for sarge.

No.  Mozilla interfears with other programs that would have to be updated
as well and require even more packages and more updates, it's a whole new
can of worms.



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