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Re: breaks Debian package system worldwide several hours a day

severity 6786 normal

On Sat, Sep 11, 2004 at 02:39:52AM +0800, Dan Jacobson wrote:

> severity 217957 critical
> severity 6786 critical
> merge 6786 217957
> # critical: breaks Debian package system worldwide several hours a day.
> # How to fix: Packages files should get to mirrors last.

    makes unrelated software on the system (or the whole system) break, or
causes serious data loss, or introduces a security hole on systems where you
install the package.

    the default value, applicable to most bugs.

You need to read:

- The code of conduct for Debian mailing lists:

- The definitions of severity levels in the Debian bug tracking system:

and generally stop behaving disrespectfully in your interaction with those
two systems.

 - mdz

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