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debconf, readline-frontend and critical notes: How to really stop?


I have to display a really critical note to the local admin under
certain circumstances. This works fine with the usual frontends (and I
guess also with noninteractive, I hope a mail will be sent, but I didn't
test yet). 

But with the readline frontend, the note is displayed, but the process
does not wait for a keypress. debconf-devel(7) says:

|  note   Rather than being a question per se, this datatype indicates a
|         note that can be displayed to the user. It should be used only
|         for important notes that the user really should see, since
|         debconf will go to great pains to make sure the user sees it;
|         halting the install for them to press a key, and even mailing
|         the note to them in some cases.

Halting the install is exactly what I want, because if the warning just
scrolls by it will be overlooked for sure. But what am I doing wrong
that it does not halt? I just do 

if [ "$display_note" = true ]; then
  db_subst tetex-bin/changed-default changed_question "$display_question"
  db_input critical tetex-bin/changed-default || true

as the last thing in debian/config. Is this a bug in the manpage, or
rather an error by me?

Regards, Frank
Frank Küster, Biozentrum der Univ. Basel
Abt. Biophysikalische Chemie

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