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,deb's follow Packages files to mirrors: nuts or what?

Isn't it nuts that the Packages files get to the mirrors before the
.debs do?

Wouldn't it be right if the Packages files got to the mirrors after
the .debs they list do?

Why don't you guys say anything? Anybody home? Tell me I'm not nuts.

ssh -o BatchMode\ yes -C mirror.where.you.have.shell.account.goes.here \
'set -eu;cd /home/ftp/debian; e=dists/sid/main/binary-i386/Packages;\
ls -ogc $e; t=/tmp/$LOGNAME.timestamp$$;\
touch -d "$(find $e -printf %c)" $t; find pool -cnewer $t -type f|wc -l;\
rm $t' #find pacakages newer than Packages. Paths approximate.

gives 1996 .deb's that got to the mirror _after_ the Packages file
describing them did today.

If the user tries an apt-get during the daily update, he will often
get lots of errors, and conclude Debian is broken.

Can't you see running the master mirror file list thru e.g., tac(1)
etc. could solve the problem?

What do you use to generate the list, find(1)? rsync -r? I'm sure
whatever you use, we can easily figure out a way to make sure the
Packages files get overwritten only after the packages they describe

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