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Re: Boot CD capable of rsyncing entire computer onto hard drive

Le lun 23/08/2004 à 20:43, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton a écrit :
> if anyone is interested i've been creating a 15mb boot cd which contains
> enough debian/unstable selinux/2.6.7 OS components to set up a
> dhcp-based network connection over which a machine's hard drive may be
> copied from an rsync backup.

> i've made several assumptions:
> 1) the system being rsync'd is a debian/SE/Linux system
> 2) the partitions are /boot, /, /var, /home and /usr
Isn't it "parametrizable"?

> 3) you don't really get any choices except
>   "do you want to destroy the hard drive [repartition]"
How does it do the partitioning? Is it based on the model, or what?
How do you tell which filesystem type to use?

> if anyone is interested i am quite happy to provide an ISO image -
> minus my personal backup location of course.
> the basic operation is that i put busybox plus libraries plus
> fsck.ext2/3 plus rsync plus ssh plus this plus that blah blah de
> dah into a directory, tarr'd it up, made an initial ramdisk with an
> additional script (/scripts/backup.stuff.sh listed in
> /etc/mkinitrd/files) where that script created a ramdisk, unpacked the
> entire tar-archive into it and then chroot'd to that directory.
> i'm sure there are better ways to do this, i tried some, they failed,
> ThisWayWorkedForMe(tm).
> i'm sure there are plenty of other boot systems around i could have
> used.
You should probably have taken a look at Replicator (there are Debian
packages) and try to reuse as much as possible. It is written in Perl,
and does more than you say hereunder.
If you are willing to help, I'm willing to take a look at your system
and try to integrate both (ie add boot-CD support to Replicator).

> i could have used debootstrap but that would have ended up
> with too much stuff [at 17mbytes the CD fails to boot].
Do you mean debootstrap to "compose" the filesystem on your CD or the
filesystem on the machine you are installing? I suppose the first.

I'm interested.
> l.

Jérôme Warnier

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