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Boot CD capable of rsyncing entire computer onto hard drive

if anyone is interested i've been creating a 15mb boot cd which contains
enough debian/unstable selinux/2.6.7 OS components to set up a
dhcp-based network connection over which a machine's hard drive may be
copied from an rsync backup.

i've made several assumptions:

1) the system being rsync'd is a debian/SE/Linux system

2) the partitions are /boot, /, /var, /home and /usr

3) you don't really get any choices except
  "do you want to destroy the hard drive [repartition]"

if anyone is interested i am quite happy to provide an ISO image -
minus my personal backup location of course.

the basic operation is that i put busybox plus libraries plus
fsck.ext2/3 plus rsync plus ssh plus this plus that blah blah de
dah into a directory, tarr'd it up, made an initial ramdisk with an
additional script (/scripts/backup.stuff.sh listed in
/etc/mkinitrd/files) where that script created a ramdisk, unpacked the
entire tar-archive into it and then chroot'd to that directory.

i'm sure there are better ways to do this, i tried some, they failed,

i'm sure there are plenty of other boot systems around i could have

i could have used debootstrap but that would have ended up
with too much stuff [at 17mbytes the CD fails to boot].


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