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Debconf doesn't scale well -- suggestion

Hello folks,

I've been running Debian on several machines for several years and have been always happy with it. The only thing that I've almost always had to struggle with is the configuration of the X windows system which I do through debconf. What I don't like about debconf (this is always the case but becomes very obvious with a package like xserver-xfree86 which has a great many options that can be fiddled with) is the one-dimensional approach to the configuration, meaning that you always have to wade through the same collection of questions even if you only want to change one single parameter. There isn't even a chance to go back. Shouldn't it be possible to add an interface which implements the modern approach -- a tabbed collection of configuation panels, one for each section (screen, mouse, keyboard etc) of the configuration?

I actually find it hard to believe that this isn't being worked on already -- or is it?

just my .02€


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