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Re: Bug#265762: ITP: tpop3d -- tpop3d is a fast, extensible, secure UNIX POP3 server

Martin List-Petersen wrote:
> It might be the wrong approach to add comments like this to an ITP of somebody
> who just wants to add a new, maybe better software package to Debian.
Note that Andi asked what makes tpop3d better than the 10 or so pop3
daemons already in the archive.

> packages because "we allready have so many".
Well, choice is about having multiple packages offering distinct
benefits. Choice is not about having two dozen half- to un-maintained
packages failing to achieve the same goal. Being offered 20 packages
isn't exactly a service to the user if he cannot be certain how long and
how well the packages will be cared for. [1]

I cannot see how politely asking prospective packagers to describe the
value they think their particular package adds to the archive is
There's >50 orphaned packages (where the ex-maintainer or someone else
cared enough to do an upload assigning the package to qa) that have not
been in woody, and probably quite a few ones that have been uploaded and
are ill-maintained (why are 200 packages with RC bugs not in sarge?), so
it's only reasonable to try to estimate the likelihood that a new
package will share the same fate. Being the 10th daemon for a given
service might not decrease that.

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, <http://thomas.viehmann.net/>

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