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Re: libtiff: How many binary packages are backloged?

>   Can you setup a webpage, maybe wiki, to track this with links into
>   buildd logs or bugreports where appropriate?

I've never set up a wiki before and probably don't have time or
inclination right now to figure it out.  I could put up a web page
(though I'm not promising to do so), or someone else could.  My
starting point is


which shows all the bug reports I've submitted.  Some bugs I didn't
really submit were moved here so that all the pending libtiff bugs
would be there.  Right now, the set of open "serious" bugs on this
page is equal to the set of packages that still need to be changed to
make the tiff transition happen except for one bug I filed on icu28
which is keeping some other packages I care about from getting into
sarge. :-)

>   Maybe linked on the BSP wiki too.

I'm not aware of this.  What is the BSP wiki?


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