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Re: /bin/sh == bash?

David Weinehall wrote:
> > But why? Often the bashisms make scripts much more readable (and
> > therefore maintainable). Especially for package build scripts.
> Well, I don't think I agree about often, but they do admittedly
> sometimes.  But most of the non-POSIX stuff I run into are:
> function bla; bla() is at least as readable
> kill -<signum>; I'd say kill -s <sigspec> is far more readable
> trap "..." <signum>; I'd say trap "..." <sigspec> is far more readable
> pushd <dir> .... popd; (cd <dir> ....) is imho at least as readable

The last change would affect the script's semantics. 'cd' calls aren't
easily nestable.


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