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Re: Free non-software stuff and what does it mean. [was Re: General Resolution: Force AMD64 into Sarge]

On Tue, 3 Aug 2004 19:48:38 -0400 Glenn Maynard wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 11:00:17PM +0200, Francesco Poli wrote:
> > This time, however, I thought that I should keep the
> > Mail-Followup-To: debian-devel@lists.debian.org,
> > debian-legal@lists.debian.org already set in the thread...
> > Correct me if I'm wrong.
> I'm not sure exactly how it should be set in this case; because Mutt
> just does the right thing, I've never had to worry about it.

Well, I was trying (and now I succeeded, thanks to Andrew Saunders that
explained me, in private, how to do that!) to reproduce manually the
Right(TM) behaviour of Mutt, that is (IIUC): when replying to a message
that has a Mail-Followup-To header, put those addresses in the To header
*and* in the Mail-Followup-To header.

But now, we are going rather OT...
We'd better continue in private, if there's something else to add!

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