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Re: Bits from the WNPP: RFH tag

* Ben Burton <bab@debian.org> [040804 02:09]:
> Of course I maintain the original point, which is that using two
> different roles for "they" is no more absurd than using two different
> roles for "he".

That might be true. Both are stupid viewed from the right direction.
But "he" already has the meaning[1], while they would form an addition
to the language. When we extend language, there is no reason to
implement a proper solution like a totally new word. no use to overload
already existing words and cause confusion.

Btw: while we are at the topic. Are things like "developer" or "leader"
gender neutral phrases in English or does one need things like in
German? ("devleoperess" and "leaderess" sound funny, so I hope we
don't have this problem. Or only for the German translations...)

  Bernhard R. Link

[1]: As much as I dislike this discrimation of males by denying a
pronoun only refering to them.

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