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Re: Bits from the WNPP: RFH tag

> Does Debian have a specific policy about this? 'cause I don't
> think either (s)he or his/her type replacements are nearly as
> aesthetic...

Well I tend to use "they" / "their" myself, which is in fairly common
usage.  e.g.:

  If a student falls asleep in class, they will probably absorb the
  material at an inferior rate, and their exam results will suffer.

> Also, try the text marked '*' at the bottom of this link:
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2002/04/08/new_winnt_2k_xp_security/
> for a justification to leave it as it is.

It's not much of a justification -- it basically amounts to "my way is
right" followed by a personal insult to anyone who disagrees.

Switching to gender-neutral language is not exactly an outrageous ask.
Official, technical and scientific documents manage it all the time.


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