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Re: libtiff transition: packages still not done

>   On dim, 2004-08-01 at 19:17 -0400, Jay Berkenbilt wrote:
>   > Please pardon the cross-post, but I think this should go to both
>   > debian-devel and debian-release.  As of about August 1, 23:50 UTC, 70
>   > packages in sid still haven't been re-uploaded with the libtiff3g to
>   > libtiff4 change.  Some may still be waiting for library dependencies
>   > -- I haven't made any attempt to weed these out.
>   I've just noticed that libtiff doesn't have any versioned symbols. Is
>   there any kind of transition for programs that link both directly and
>   indirectly to libtiff? Otherwise, we'll start to be in a pain as deep as
>   libpng's...

I am actively studying this issue.  My present thinking is that, since
libtiff4 will be the only version in sarge and, because of the botch
with the ABI change, everything direct and indirect is being
recompiled.  As long as libtiff4 is the last release of libtiff that
doesn't have versioned symbols, we should be okay.  I'm planning on
dealing with this issue within debian and upstream in hopes of having
the next upstream libtiff release include versioned symbols, even if
support is added in the debian package.  (I'm still not officially
maintaining libtiff, but I'm going to continue pretending that I am.)


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