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Re: Adding a "feedback" features to the BTS


> Problem: we now have a good, comfortable and encouraging way to report
> problems (the BTS), but no way to report successes, or to send cheers or
> kudos.  This is unfair! :)

Indeed, it's unfair, but everyone could do that by sending a private
mail. I don't know if it's really an advantage to see hundreds of
feedback mails in a public system.
If such a 'feedback' priority bug only sends a mail to the maintainer and
not to the whole BTS, I'll appreciate the idea, because it could invite
people to send feedback (and I really like feedback, no matter if it's
good or bad)...

> The BTS would then open some ticket which could lead to discussions
> about how good the package or the maintainer is, and be archived after a
> month or so.

Strange idea ;)

> [1] http://people.debian.org/~enrico/talks/2004linuxtag/zen-paper.html

Nice text ;) (Still reading.)


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