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Re: Adding a "feedback" features to the BTS

#include <hallo.h>
* Enrico Zini [Sat, Jul 31 2004, 03:31:02PM]:

> Problem: we now have a good, comfortable and encouraging way to report
> problems (the BTS), but no way to report successes, or to send cheers or
> kudos.  This is unfair! :)
> Possible solution: add a "feedback" priority to the BTS which doesn't
> count as a bug at all.  Then extend reportbug (possibly allowing it to

Full ack. I got #261974 few days ago where the submitter used the
_minor_ severity for a success report. In addition to this suggestion,
there could be a symlink "reportsuccess" -> reportbug, so reportbug
automaticaly starts with the "feedback" severity when started as

> ----- Report a story message template --------------------
> Hello <maintainer>,
> I have a story I'd like to share about <package>:
>  [the story]
>  [
>   if you want, please add what made you decide to report the feedback.

 [ I wish to donate some bucks to appreciate your good work, please
 submit your bank data to my email address. ]

> Cheers, and keep up the good work!
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