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Adding a "feedback" features to the BTS


Problem: we now have a good, comfortable and encouraging way to report
problems (the BTS), but no way to report successes, or to send cheers or
kudos.  This is unfair! :)

Possible solution: add a "feedback" priority to the BTS which doesn't
count as a bug at all.  Then extend reportbug (possibly allowing it to
be called with another name like "feedback" to give it a non-bug
feeling) to report feedback on a given package.

Some predefined forms of feedback could be set up, like "Thank you", "I
like...", "I don't like...", "I'd like to tell a story...".  A template
message could be set up with useful questions (Flanagan[1] could inspire
some), like:

----- Report a story message template --------------------

Hello <maintainer>,

I have a story I'd like to share about <package>:

 [the story]

  if you want, please add what made you decide to report the feedback.
  Other interesting information you may want to add, if applicable, could
   - what led up to the situation
   - what you did (or did not do) that was especially effective or
   - what was the outcome or result of this action
   - why was this action effective, or what more effective action might
     have been expected

Cheers, and keep up the good work!



The BTS would then open some ticket which could lead to discussions
about how good the package or the maintainer is, and be archived after a
month or so.

Less flames and more good vibes!! :)

(other good vibes are due to come with the survey result, provided I can
find some time to finish the processing (75% done so far) )



[1] http://people.debian.org/~enrico/talks/2004linuxtag/zen-paper.html
    (one of the last sections)
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