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Instead of the amd64 GR: rudimentary amd64 support for sarge, need sponsor.


given the current sarge deadline and the opinions expressed by some of
the release team a full amd64 port in sarge is not going to happen. So
lets move on.

What else can we do for amd64 users?

We have a fully working i386 port which works on amd64 systems too.
What we need most now is support for:

1. Kernel support for amd64 to run 32/64 bit binaries

I want to upload a kernel-image-2.6.7-amd64 to i386. That would be
along the same lines as the sparc64 or s390x kernel image in sparc or
s390 respectively. So nothing new there.

2. Support to run dynamically linked 64 binaries (e.g. from SuSe/RH)

What is needed is a /lib64 and /usr/lib64 directory with the core
libraries. There already is a ia32-libs packages doing the reverse for
ia64 and pure64. This just reverses the roles. Again nothing new.

3. Support to compile 64 bit binaries

The kernel and libs need to be compiled somewhere. They could be build
on pure64 and uploaded to i386 without problems but it would be nicer
if they could be build under sarge i386 itself. This could be eigther
a cross compiler (like the rest of the cross tool packages) or a 64bit
native compiler. I tend to the later even if that restricts building
those packages to an actual amd64 system.

Thesource for the toolchain is already in sarge so no GPL problems
even if (3) is scratched.

So who is willing to sponsor the following packages:


None of those are base or standard so there is no "must be today"
rush. But it still needs to be rushed a bit.


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