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Re: Debian Watch Health Status

Il mer, 2004-07-28 alle 16:08, Gürkan Sengün ha scritto:
> at dehs.alioth.debian.org in <title> you have a typo debain->debian

> let me suggest for WWiz Up. that it is case insensitive, is that possible (allow any case in href)?
> this would remove most "error"s from 
> http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=gurkan@linuks.mine.nu
This could be a problem. Wwiz (Watch Wizard) is only a tool for try to
generate automatically a watch file, primary for inclusion in the next
version of packages that doesn't have already one. The Wwizard situation
is here:

Watch (1499)->Dehs wizard generated Watch file. It has passed Uscan test
Errors (3688)-> Error for the dehs wizard Watch file that has not passed
Uscan test. 
N/A (109)-> Copyright files not found. 
Notmatch (1303)-> Copyright file, no http/ftp address found from Watch

The better solution is always: "fix your package Dehs status with a good
Watch file" in the next upload.

Dehs, for upsream version, uses an hacked version (but 100% error
message and watch format compatible) of uscan (in devscripts debian
package). This because we have not a policy entry about Watch file so
uscan is the de-facto standard for Watch file format. Uscan actually is
case sensitive. 
If you have a Wwizard generated watch file that put Wwiz status in error
probably is very simple to keep it as basis, fix it, insert in your
source package debian directory and check it with uscan, then upload it
to debian.

For Example cenon package Wwiz is on error
uscan3.pl warning: In /debian/watch,
  no matching hrefs for watch line
  http://www.cenon.info/dLinux_gb.html (?:.*/)?cenon-([\d+\.]+|\d+)(\.tar|\.tgz)(\.gz|\.bz2|) debian uupdate

The solution is simple to make a new function watch file to insert in your package:
http://www.cenon.info/dLinux_gb.html (?:.*/)?Cenon-([\d+\.]+|\d+)(\.tar|\.tgz)(\.gz|\.bz2|) debian uupdate

In this case the only problem is the "C" character of cenon, but i tink that in almost cases is very simple to fixing the
watch status of you package, also starting from an Wwizard error report.

Tanks for any suggestion and comment.


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