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Re: amd64 and sarge

* Xavier Roche (roche@httrack.com) [040727 06:55]:
> On Mon, 26 Jul 2004, Andreas Barth wrote:
> > > 6a. fix all pending bugs on amd64/r0, set it as "official port" and
> > > release r1 few months later
> > > 6b. migrate to 32/64 dist, and release r2 few months later
> > 6a is what I said (except that my idea was to create the directories
> > now, to preserve the right version of the packages), and 6, 6b is not
> > doable.

> Even considering 6b is few months later 6a ? dpkg won't be ready at this
> time ?

Please accept this: Bi-Arch is dead. Just dead. And even if not, it
would require too many changes to source packages to be acceptable for
a point release.

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