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Re: SPF - exim4 + debian.org

* Miles Bader (miles@lsi.nec.co.jp) wrote:
> Why should anyone assume there's a connection between packages installed
> and usernames used?  Indeed, if more than few packages did this, it
> would utterly unworkable, because package names are often very short and
> quite likely to intersect with usernames.

Well, gee, how about because, in general, the username is the same as
the package name, and it makes it nice and clear what username is
associated w/ what package?  Looking at one of my systems I see:
daemon, bin, sys, sync, games, man, lp, mail, news, uucp, proxy,
majordom, postgres, www-data, backup, msql, operator, list, irc, gnats,
mysql, sshd, identd, smmsp

I'm very happy to note that *none* of them are 'deb-<blah>' or
'Debian-<blah>', and you know what?  I've never had any problems w/
namespace pollution.  Have any of our users actually filed bugs about
problems because of these names?

> Morever, usernames are often not picked by the person doing the
> installing (e.g., consider a multi-user system), and may actually
> pre-date use of debian (or the debian system may be only one machine in
> an environment with global usernames).
> If the length is the problem, why not just "deb-exim" or something?
> That seems much less likely to conflict.

It seems to me that a problem is being invented so that it can be
'fixed'.  The problem doesn't exist and 'fixing' it just makes things
ugly for no reason.


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