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Re: libtiff3g -> libtiff4 coming up (mass bug filing)

#include <hallo.h>
* Jay Berkenbilt [Sun, Jul 25 2004, 12:37:42PM]:

> As such, libtiff3g and libtiff3g-dev will be renamed to libtiff4 and
> libtiff4-dev.  This will create an annoying situation of several

Could you provide the new package version with renamed binary packages
somewhere? So we can start building stuff for it. Idealy, we push all
recompiled packages to a common directory on people.debian.org and on
the day X when the lib packages have passed the NEW queue, we move them
into incoming (maybe trough Tollef's queue on p.d.o).

As temporary solution, I suggest: 


Accessible via


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