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Re: Dehs: To few watch file filled from Debian Mantainers

Il mer, 2004-07-21 alle 11:13, Erik Schanze ha scritto: 
> > 
> @Stefano: Would you include the possibility of following links to download area
> into your script?
I don't think it is a good solution. The typology of "download area" url
is too various. But, also if we can standardize the typology of download
are links this functionality must be integrated in the uscan hacked
version that Dehs uses. I don't want to fork anymore official uscan
version (in the devscripts package) because if the original version will
be modified i must to port changes to the hacked version because
devscripts actually define the standard of watch file. The maintainer
developer of uscan/devscript would to integrate the Dehs functionality
(http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=143284 red last
messagage) but actually, after months no work was done over it. 
Probably we need a Watch file entry (for Qa purposes) into the debian

> Then we could file wishlist bugs agains packages with "error" to provide
> ready watch files and propper download URLs.
> Manually finding of this for each package will suck, I mean.

I tink that developers doesn't care about the new Qa approach over the
Watch file. They still think to the Watch file only as a personal
utility. So probably, they think: I'm too lazy to do find a Watch
regexpression or i don't need the uscan functionality because i'm
subscribed on the Upstream mailing list. This is the problem:
There isn't an entry about watch file in the policy.
Developers thinks: if i understand the Qa value of a watch file well, i
try to fix it or i don't want to fix it because i doesn't need to use
uscan functionality. A good solution could be to keep Dehs data and
integrate it in developer.php on qa.debian.org

> > > > I take copyright from here:
> > > > http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/s/sysvinit/sysvinit_2.85-22
> > > >/ N/A= no copyright file available.
> > > >
> > > Ah. A bug agains www.debian.org?
> > > (And there are 112 ohter N/As to check.)
> > Probably is a bug over www.debian.org.
> > 
> I have filed a bug (260274), but I have overlooked that there 
> was still a bug filed (231408), damn!
> They are merged now.

> I gave Frank the suggestion to unpack binary packages insteat of source ones
> because binaries must have a copyright file. (Sources should have one)
> To boost up our concern you could add comments to this bug in BTS.
I think that 112 N/A is not the problem. It's more rapid to manually
submitting a patched watch file as wishlist bug instead to modify Dehs
for download all the binary.


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