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Re: Jabberd2 packaging question

Hi Jamin!

On 2004-07-17 14:04 -0600, Jamin W. Collins wrote:
> I'm running into a minor hitch with the Jabberd2 packaging and looking
> for advice on the preferred way to handle the problem.
> The previous package of jabberd2-bdb (2.0s2-1) required libdb4.1.  The
> upcoming package will use libdb4.2.  Between these two versions the log
> file format has changed (db format has remained the same).  This change
> appears to require that the db4.1_recovery utility from db4.1-util be
> run against the existing database prior to starting the new version of
> jabberd2-bdb which uses the newever libdb4.2.

This suspiciously reminds me of upgrading PostgreSQL databases :-)

Without having evaluated Andrew's statement (please do that first), my
proposal is as follows: upload an intermediate version of the package
that still uses libdb4.1 and call db4.1_recovery in its prerm if you
upgrade to the package needing db4.2; you can save the dump somewhere
in /var/lib/jabberd2-bdb/. Then the new package's postinst can feed
the dump back into its database without having to depend on libdb4.1.

Have a nice Sunday!


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