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Re: -= PROPOSAL =- Release sarge with amd64

* Ingo Juergensmann <ij@2004.bluespice.org> [2004-07-15 18:50]:
> > overworked security team, and I've been looking for members for other
> > teams (such as listmaster) too.
> Interesting. Not that I would apply for those jobs, but I never saw a job
> offer for those...

"Job offers" were made, but it doesn't help when nobody volunteers.

> > soon).  In any case, we need people who actually volunteer and who
> > approach the problem the right way.  I've seen quite a few offers left
> Define the "right way".

There is no description and it's mostly tacit knowledge anyway (i.e.
hard to define; you know how to use a bike but can you describe it in
words?).  Anyway, this is nothing which is specific to Debian - I see
it in may Free Software projects.  From my experience, people who're
new to a project and who start by introducing themselves on a mailing
list and ask what they can do actually never end up contributing.
People who insult people are less likely to get help and useful
responses.  People who just do great work and don't spend much time
talking about it usually end up in higher positions (one example:
Colin Watson).  I'm sure there are many other things...

> > unanswered because they were made in a suboptimal way.  As I argued in
> Erm, interesting... It's always been said that Debian is no company but a
> collective effort by volunteers, but this sounds now as if you want a
> professional job application? 

No, but volunteering in Free Software projects follows certain rules
as well.  If you don't follow them, you're less likely to success in
our community.

> There's one problem: main developer of katie and other tools seem to be Mr.
> Troup. Well, because he seems to be somewhat picky in regards with whom he
> communicates, that will surely evolve as a problem. Might scare off some
> people as well. 
> > list and nothing stops people from sending in patches.
> ... and wonder why your patches won't get included and you never receive a
> mail why it was rejected.... 

Have you actually tried submitting a patch to katie or are you just
rambling about your past bad experience with other stuff?

> And how about the promised enhancements? The $arch@buildd.d.o lists? The

It has been done a long time ago, just as I told you the last time you

> mediator for contacting Mr. Troup? Still you? Someone else? How is the

Still me right now.

> status on all those new buildds for arm, mips, mipsel & others?

One ARM box has been shipped to Othmar Pasteka to replace debussy and
another one is being set up as a buildd.  2 new R5K SGI Indys have
been used for the last few months but they recently suffered disk
problems.  mipsel has no problems keeping up as far as I know.

Martin Michlmayr

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