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Re: -= PROPOSAL =- Release sarge with amd64

Hallo! Du (Ingo Juergensmann) hast geschrieben:

>This issue has been raised many, many times before, because part of
>ftp-masters are as well part of DSA as part of wanna-build crew as part of
><name your favorite thing here>. 
>People in role positions should IMHO be forced to communicate with
>*everyone* that address to their role position. If they don't communicate
>with others, DPL should take action to remove them from their role. 
>It's quite simple. Many of the current problems can be tracked down to a
>handfull of people not communicating with the rest of the project (or in
>secret, which is basically the same). 


This problem pops up every 3-6 months again, involving always the same
people (ftpmasters, DAM, pgpkeys, ...). The DPL should solves this
problem NOW, even as this topic was in the discussions on the latest
DPL-elections, and the old and new DPL declined that there is a severe


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