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Stop the madness!

It is obvious by now to everyone there is a communication problem of
some sort. Whether you believe it is a problem caused by certain people,
including myself, flaming certain groups in Debian and/or you think that
those groups have a total lack of communication, it does not matter. The
fact is as the consitution (2.1.1) currently stands, as mentioned by
Manoj, we can't do anything about it.

The GR was seen, at least by me, as a last attempt to be able to get
the amd64 port into Debian before the sarge release. The amd64 port has
been more or less ready since late May, but ftpmaster refused to ever
comment on why it was not added to the archive[0]. The amd64 team has
in the past thought about releasing its own dist separately from Debian,
various Debian mirrors have already offered to host it, so perhaps this
will be the best way to proceed. Perhaps in several years once sarge+1
is ready to be released amd64 will be in the archive.

I will refrain from making any more comments on this and the GR thread
unless explicitly asked to do so.

It has been a long time since I could say I was honestly happy with the
way Debian has been going and almost all of it can be pinned directly on
the communication skills (or lack thereof) of a few people.


[0] - http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=248043

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