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Re: -= PROPOSAL =- Release sarge with amd64

On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 03:17:43PM -0500, Chris Cheney wrote:
> base. However, the fact is he was commenting on which archs are the most
> used for Debian, which according to popcon definitely is not arm. The
> arm arch has been around a long time and been supported by Debian for
> several releases and yet still shows only 4 users in popcon.

Probably because it's a rare person who installs anything like popcon on a
PDA.  AIUI, they're all pretty pushed for space and resources, so you tend
to pick your packages.  Also, it's harder to get the popcon e-mails out when
you're disconnected and don't have a queueing MTA installed (again, resource

- Matt
Not a PDA owner

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