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Re: Official position on POSIX compliance?

On Tue, Jul 06, 2004 at 10:46:33PM -0400, Jurij Smakov wrote:
> * Does the majority of Debian developers agree, that this compliance
>   should be enforced and bugs should be filed against the non-compliant
>   packages?

Doubtful. To what end? Being able to take random things out of Debian
and run them on random other POSIX platforms isn't very useful because
(a) pretty much every other platform has its own collection of bugs
that stop this from working, and (b) *why*? We're supposed to be
*better* than the other platforms, not mindlessly cloning their lowest
common denominator.

Certainly there's no evidence to support the theory that a majority of
the developers think crippling to POSIX level is a good idea.

> * Are there any plans to introduce it into policy?


> * What severity should be assigned to non-POSIX-compliance bugs (if any)?

wishlist; that's a feature request.

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