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Re: updating a package with upstream cvs snapshot

Le Monday 28 June 2004 à 09:01:49, Brian May a écrit:
> >>>>> "Ludovic" == Ludovic Rousseau <ludovic.rousseau@free.fr> writes:
>     Ludovic> cscvs seams promising... but I can't make it to work :-(
> I assume you have already filled a bug report?

Yes, bug #256921.

I Cc: the bug and I think we should continue the discussion there.

>     Ludovic> $ cscvs cache -b
>     Ludovic> cvs [log aborted]: received broken pipe signal
> This could be the problem here: it would look like cvs aborted
> prematurely, if so, why? Did you push Ctrl+C?

I don't think the "received broken pipe signal" is the cause of the
problem but the consequence.

"cscvs cache -b" is, in fact, executing "cvs -q rlog 'pcsc-perl'"
(pcsc-perl is the name of my CVS project).

I can have a "broken pipe signal" very easily. For example:
  $ cvs -q rlog pcsc-perl | head
  RCS file: /imports/acer/home/CVS/pcsc-perl/LICENCE,v
  head: 1.1
  locks: strict
  access list:
  symbolic names:
          rel_1-4-0: 1.1
          rel_1-3-0: 1.1
          rel_1-2-2: 1.1
  cvs [rlog aborted]: received broken pipe signal

I imagine head(1) closed the pipe after 10 lines and cvs(1) then aborted
with an error message.

> Ideally there should be a verbose option which will print the full
> command line of the CVS command line, not sure it exists though. I
> suspect it is just "cvs rlog" operation with some parameters though.

strace(1) is fine for that. Even if a --verbose would be better.


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